Obsolete, although officially launched in 2015, is the culmination of a lifetime spent travelling the world in search of unique objects that shine through their history and imperfection. 

Much like its objects, Obsolete is a result of impermanence and transience, where a creative sensibility and a sharp intuition has guided its evolution across several decades and continents, through shifting trends and concepts, to becoming a favourite interiors shop for private and professional clients worldwide, loved for it’s bringing together of nature, craftsmanship, and a unique exploration of textural diversity.

From Venezuela to Mongolia, India to Morocco, our curation process is predicated on authenticity, informed by our extensive travels, collaboration with generations of local artisans, and encounters with unique pieces that celebrate time-honoured traditions. 

In 1989 the island of Mallorca, preferred for its tranquil mediterranean lifestyle, helped lay the foundations for what would become the store we recognise today. Through subsequent years and projects, it was the flair for turning traditional mediterranean spaces into calming oases of natural textures that continued to prevail. In 1997 this artistry was then applied to Son Viscos, a newly acquired family home in the heart of the Valldemossa Valley, surrounded by lush gardens and serene views out to the Serra de Tramuntana. 

Its transformation was guided by the aim of one day opening its doors to the public as an agroturisme B&B and doubling up as a living showroom for its discoveries. Natural architectural elements were exposed and enhanced by the freshly painted whitewashed walls, rooms were delicately furnished with an emphasis on well worn and rustic materials, and spaces were designed to restore a sense of calm, all of which combined to create a relaxed, lived in look that delights in nature and simplicity. To this family run business however, it was seen not so much as an aesthetic, but a way of life, one that would go on to form the bedrock of Obsolete. 

Today, in addition to Son Viscos, Obsolete operates four showrooms across the Balearics and is supported by a Palma based warehouse. Its curation of textiles has also grown exponentially in recent years as to now include an exclusive selection of ethical fashion brands that share in the same quest for a slower, more meaningful approach to life.