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Obsolete is home to an exclusive selection of artisanal fashion brands from around the world. Each brand has been individually selected for both their unique approach to sustainability, and their dedication to upholding quality through the use of traditional design processes.

Through our careful curation of brands we are proud to be playing a small part in facilitating slow fashion, a concept that reflects our own search for a slower, more meaningful approach to life. As an Obsolete customer you'll not only be embracing slow fashion, but you'll have the additional satisfaction of having played your part in keeping handcrafted fashion alive.


From our Deia boutique, we bring to you the following brands plus many more; Injiri, Cofur, Kleed, Made in Mada, Curiosity Lab, Santa Lupita, One Season, Ravens View, and Aurobelle. We aim to bring only the very best in slow fashion, and as such are constantly expanding our brand catalogue. Sign up to be the first to know about our latest discoveries and exclusive pop-ups.

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